Album Review: Ab-Soul "These Days"

The Black Lip Pastor blessed the game with an album offering; the first of it’s kind from him, “These Days.” Unlike the last few projects from Ab-Soul, which were free mixtapes for the people this time around Soul needed to eat, so June 24th made his plate and is now reaping the benefits from his well deserved feast.

“These Days” has a very spiritual feel to it, as you should already know Soul is a very enlightened being. He’s all about higher awareness and lyrical substance with his third-eyed wide open so prepare yourself for a dope conscious rap project. “Your soul sits on your third eye, Soul sits on the throne. Told you I was the third wheel, that’s three wheel motion on chrome.”

This album features many upcoming/ rising talent including, Asaad, JSMN, The O’My’s, Action Bronson, SZA, Isaiah Rashad and etc. Starting from his first single “God’s Reign” featuring SZA takes you on a spiritual journey of the trying times we face today.  Songs like “Tree of life, World Runners, and Stigmata” show the lucid realization of Soul and the featured artists’ opinion on today’s world and trial and tribulations they’ve been through in their lifetime. On the other hand, Soul still has a couple bangers like “Dub Sac,” “TWACT,” and “Hunnid Stax” featuring Schoolboy Q that will turn up any party this year.

Overall, this album is worth the purchase. I recommend everybody peep the track  “World Runners” featuring Lupe Fiasco and Nikki Jean, definitely one of the hardest song on there. Remember this is the last project we heard from Soul in 2 years we needed this.  Just like Diddy said, “It ain’t no more to it! Soulo eatin’ now! Tell ’em Puff said so.”

By Alexus Epic @xoepic


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