Crooks & Castles "Lewds" Collection Preview (Los Angeles, CA)

Crooks and Castles teamed up with legendary street artist Futura for the “Lewds” Collection to commemorate the late Christopher “Lewds” Natalio. The collection combines streetwear and art with the infamous Futura signature hand style. The Crooks hosted their private collection preview party last thursday at Known Gallery on Fairfax in style. Powered by Hennessy, the event was decked out with live art & Futura hand style on the walls and a ferrari. Crooks and Castle officially drop their Lewd Collection on Saturday June 21st available at their flagship store on fairfax. Wearable art encompasses the Lewds collection and we pin this collection as one of the more careful and meaningful collections to hit streetwear this summer. View the gallery below.

Photography by Leah Takele @leah.takele

June 19, 2014



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