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Our featured brand for July is Loud Mouse, an apparel brand that has been making major waves in the Los Angeles and Koreatown area. Known for their witty apparel and alternative perspectives on culture, Loud Mouse creates apparel for the consumer who wants to make a statement. Loud Mouse recently got their shirts featured on NY Times with a famous chef named Roy Choi and w/ Far East Movement at the UMF Festival and on tour.

Loud Mouse serves as an oxymoron that dates back to famous mice characters that are displayed throughout childhood cartoons. Small in size and forced to rely on wit for survival, the mice characters were always overlooked due to their physical size. Translating the same concept to the brand’s nucleus, Loud Mouse serves as a symbol of hope for everyone facing unfortunate situations. The background of the members involved are no different from the brand’s M.O., as they come from backgrounds where it is often times easy for the general public to dismiss them. The goal is to strike thought, provoke emotion, and maintain relativity amongst those who can identify with the brand. This is for the misfits. This is for those with the odds stacked against them. This is for those at the bottom of the barrel. This is Loud Mouse.

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