7 Genius Recipes for the Grill

These recipes from Food52’s contributors are genius. And with the 4th of July coming up, what better time than now to kick up your grilling skills.
Alabama Style Chicken Kebabs

Author Notes: Maybe you’ve heard of or make “white” barbecue sauce from Alabama — it’s tart and tangy with mayo and vinegar as its base instead of the more common tomato. I like it a lot and thought I’d put a new twist on it for some chicken kebabs. Instead of the traditional horseradish I substituted sambal oelek for a bigger kick and a little sugar for sweetness. And extra is great as a dipping sauce. – inpatskitchen

Suzanna Goin’s Grilled Pork Burgers

Author Notes: There are perfect burgers made of beef, salt, and pepper. This is not one of those burgers. And it takes not a little, but a lot more effort, if you commit to doing it right. But it’s worth it, because this is probably going to be the best burger you’ve ever had. We tend to think about doctoring up burgers from the outside — with thick strips of bacon, obviously, or the perfect themed toppers — but Suzanne Goin, the master of thoughtfully prepared, arrestingly flavorful food, takes perfect burger theory to another level by looking first within. She lards the burger with minced bacon and fresh Mexican chorizo and flavors it with sautéed aromatics. It turns out that in rethinking the perfect burger, it’s what’s inside that counts.

Sugar Steak with Bourbon

Author Notes: Katy Keck, a culinary consultant, told me about sugar steak, a dish completely foreign to me. What, you’ve never heard of it either? Good. Time for us all to get up to speed. Sugar steak is very much what it sounds like: steak that’s blanketed with a sugar rub and grilled. Katy, who got her recipe for it by surveying the chefs at the Spring Lake Yacht Club close to Lake Michigan, said, “Some use sirloin, some use rib-eye, I have even used CAB top round –- most agree whatever is cheapest. Also some use white sugar, some use brown, some use both.”

Grilled (or Broiled) Oysters with a Sriracha Lime Butter

Author Notes: Although I love my oysters raw, sometimes a grilled oyster is a nice change. The oysters are topped with a yummy spicy citrus butter that still allows the flavor of the oysters to come through. The butter is also great as a dipping sauce for crab legs and lobster.

Chicken Cutlets Grilled in Charmoula with Quick-Cured Lemon Confit

Author Notes: Friday night dinner is the time my family and I gather together, share the news of the busy week behind us, and regroup. I spend most Fridays preparing this special meal. When summer heat arrives, though, the thought of cranking up the oven and heating the house makes me want to sit on the balcony with an iced coffee and while the day away. Cutlets to the rescue: they are quick and easy. This recipe originated when a craving for Moroccan flavors hit, but I was without home-cured lemons. The charmoula is based on Paula Wolfert’s recipe in Couscous and Other Good Food from Morocco, but has sort of wandered off in its own direction.

Ian Knauer’s Sticky Balsamic Ribs

Author Notes: Ribs that ditch the low-and-slow doctrine and make you popular anyway, first published in July 2009 in Gourmet Magazine. Knauer’s bake-then-grill tactic isn’t new for home-cooked ribs — but we’re usually told to keep it low and slow. Instead, Knauer goes for fast and reckless. But the ribs are well-marinated and steamed, so they come out inexplicably tender, yet sturdy enough to hold up to flipping on the grill.

Black Bean and Corn Burgers

Author Notes: These veggie burgers are a little bit spicy, thanks to a mixture of paprika, cumin, and chili, and a little bit sweet, thanks to fresh summer corn. They’ve got texture, taste, and tons of nutrition, too.


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