Sonique Saturdy, Designer of BellaDonna and Los Angeles Wardrobe Stylist is an up & coming style curator and has been making major waves lately in the fashion & styling industry.
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It’s very rare you find a stylist who can conquer both men and women’s fashion. Sonique began styling men but after demands to style for women, Sonique extended her services and from the photos below, it’s obvious that it’s natural. Her use of prints, experimentation with colors, fashion diversity, and instinct to conquer the bold, are just a few reasons why we can’t wait to see what she does next. FYI June Ambrose should probably watch out.

View/Click on the exclusive photo grid below of the special project Sonique has been working on called The Vezzo Look, including over 8 looks and style videos. @soniquesaturdy.
Vezzo is an Italian word simply meaning necklace and habit. Model Brooke has on the same necklace through each look and this shows that her necklace is habitual through every outfit, Vezzo!
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