B.o.B. Surprises w. "No Genre 2" Mixtape

B.o.B. recently dropped his mixtape “No Genre 2″ and we’re pleasantly surprised by this mixtape. After re-branding and hard work, B.o.B. continues to deliver music and production that’s more himself. Features from Kevin Gates, Sevyn, Ty Dolla $ign, Mila J, Mike Fresh, and T.I., the mixtape has quite a few diamonds. “Lambo” feat. Kevin Gates, Jake Lambo is a certified slap with a funky ATL beat. B.o.B. also has a song with Sevyn that he produced himself titled “Swing My Way” which is play on KP & Envyi’s 1998 jam “Shorty Swing My Way”.

We also get some dope vibes from “Drunk AF” with Ty Dolla $ign and “So What” w. R&B Singer Mila J serenading the track with “wanting to get it in”. Drunk AF and So What are the drink & smoke tracks. A more thoughtful track is “The Nation” feat. Jake Lambo and Victoria Monet on the chorus; Quotable lyric “They book us for possession but they keep shippin’ weapons in/Either the gloc shoot ya or a cop do ya.”

The mixtape ends with “Chosen” feat T.I. and Young Spodee – T.I. delivers a fastly spit verse “Still a dope boy/ got birds on deck” and we all know T.I. is rapping like the original rubberband man now. Besides delivering strong verses, B.o.B. and T.I. deliver a strong chorus “When you come up from the bottom that just means that you was chosen”. This is an overall solid ass mixtape and actually better than B.o.B.’s Underground Luxury album that dropped in December. Stream below.


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