Chris Brown and Drake were recently in the studio together and after all that has happened with their romantic drama over “thou who shalt not be named”, the two stars have decided they can make hits together. Drake is going to have some involvement in Chris’ new album according to a recent TMZ article. Essentially, Drake makes the type of chilled out R&B/Hip-Hop music that Chris should be on. The two are industry stamps – any track they are on, is an instant hit. Chris Brown can do an E-40 track “Episode” or Kid Ink “Main Girl” and make the song a hit. Anything Drake is on blows up. So when you put two industry stamps together, who have never worked together, then you get massive hits and massive money. It’s nice to see these two talented artists put their past behind them and get straight to business. If you’re another rapper or singer, you want to get a verse on a Drake and Chris Brown track.

“Chris and Drake have decided they can actually make more money together than separately … this according to sources working closely with the 2 performers.

They’re now in the studio … laying tracks down for Chris’ new album.  We’re told Drake will perform with Chris on some of the songs and he’ll also be the producer.

There’s a bonus for Chris — by working with Drake he’ll be able to continue being affiliated with Young Money and that keeps the door open to collaborations with Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj.  As a matter of fact, we know Tyga – also part of Y.M. — was in the studio with Drake and Chris on Thursday.”  Via TMZ