Daniel Patrick: The Resurrection of Minimalist Style

A.P.C. by Kanye West isn’t the only brand that makes high-end quality items with a minimalist perception. Daniel Patrick is one our  favorite brands that both men & women can wear that nails the art of small random details and comfort for mobility. What’s extremely rare about this brand is that many of the items are made to order. There’s no stock room where tons of items sit and wait to be shipped. It’s as if once you order, an item is specifically made with the thought of you in mind. View our favorite looks below from two collections “The Daniel Patrick” collection & the “Knomadik” collection. @danielpatrick_



Shield hood ii s/s – leather

Roaming jogger short – heather/leather

Shield cloak – leather

hero bomber – leather

shield sweat

Shield pant

Shield hood ii s/s – black/white

knomad legging ii


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