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Timbaland recently spoke with Rolling Stone and gave us some information on Missy Elliot’s “mystery” album. Missy’s last album was in 2005 “The Cookbook” and we weren’t quite sure if we thought we would really see another Missy project. We’ve seen a few features like her appearance on J. Cole’s “Nobody’s Perfect” but nothing solo. However “It’s coming,” Timbaland tells Rolling Stone. “It’s on her. She got the first single, it’s just a matter of when she wants to do it. We got the hollow-tip bullet in the gun. We have the game-changer right there,” he says, imitating the sound of a gun firing according to RS.

Rolling Stone asked what that bullet sounds like and Timbaland answered, “It’s something you ain’t never heard Missy do. It sounds today, but the future.”

Furthermore, you would be surprised how the two artists get the job done for their tracks. According to Timb, he has never even watched Missy record: “I’ve never watched her record, never in my whole career,” he continues. “I do it, she be like, ‘OK, I got it,’ and I leave the room. She kicks us out. That’s how she do it: She does everything herself.”

Well we must say this – IF Missy is actually going to release this project, we wonder how this will change the state of competition among the women in the rap industry right now.

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