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When Nicki Minaj dropped her cover art for the song Anaconda not too long ago, the web went crazy. It’s her most sexual cover art and for that people automatically gassed the track without hearing it; however, after listening to the track, it’s actually one of our least favorite tracks. You can listen below to the Low Quality version that leaked. We even hate to instigate but Nicki might have got some lyrical & flow inspiration from Lil Kim’s old school joint “Eat My Pu**y right” (Listen Below) – as we all know Nicki is trying to get back to her original rap style and leave the Pop phase in the garbage. The song samples Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” and is produced by Da Internz and Polow Da Don. Anaconda is a track off of Nicki’s upcoming album The Pink Print and we feel a bit bad to say that we hope this isn’t an indication of the entire project. With nice bars on No Flex Zone, Danny Glover, and Chi-Raq, Nicki’s lyrics in Anaconda don’t parallel these other features in any shape or form. “This dude named Michael got him up on a cycle / D–k bigger than a tower, I ain’t talking ’bout Eiffel / Real country a$ n—a, let me play with his rifle / P—y put his a$ to sleep, now he’s calling me Nyquil.” Not to mention the production sounds like a circus. You can judge for yourself below.

Nicki Minaj “Anaconda”


nicki minaj, rehab online mag