Premiere: "I Know That You Want It" by BeatsByChe

Cali producer Beatsbyche gives us an exclusive leak from his Beats EP called “Timeless” dropping later this week. This track is titled “I Know That You Want It” and it’s a strong indication of the other tracks to come on the EP. We had an early listen to the EP and it’s a dope fusion of R&B and Trap with the high hats mixed in with the R&B vibes. When asked why he gave the EP the title “Timeless”, BeatsbyChe provides us with a simple answer: I want the music that I made to be that..Quality Timeless music that will last..It doesn’t matter if you play it now or 10 years later, it’s still great music. Take a listen below to “I Know That You Want It” and let us know what you think. @beatsbyche


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