dee goodz, dgoodz
Dee Goodz has been in an amazing creative space over the past year. Don Jovi represents the thoughts of Dee as he weaves tales with vivid imagery with lyrical nourishment throughout. Don Jovi also serves as a prelude to his upcoming album FFM which he spoke about in our interview with him a while back.
The production on the mixtape will keep you on the edge of your seat, as Goodz combines the trill NYC sound with a southern twist to create a one of a kind sound. The mixtape holds production from Ducko Mcfli (Drake “Draft day), Michael Abraham and more. The Cashville rep also invites a host rising artists in the underground scene to take part in the project as well, as Scotty ATL, Neako, Ro Spit and others deliver captivating verses.


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1. It Couldn’t Be Done (Produced by Ducko Mcfli)
2. Moneyville (Produced by Zuki Modunkwu)
3. Dope Don’t Spoil Part.1 (Produced by Zuki Modunkwu)
4. All in the Wrist feat. Tezo (Produced by Ducko McFli)
5. LVLUP2 feat. Neako
6. Been Down That Road feat. Scotty ATL (Produced by WEHATEBJONES)
7. #NotGoin (Produced by Ducko Mcfli)
8. Windows Down (Produced by OdizzyBeatz)
9. Never Sober
10. Positive Vibes Only feat. Ro Spit (Produced by Mister Crowe)
11. iFuxwitchu (Produced by Chris King)