6 Signs She’s Not That Into You

We like to the stir the pot a bit. The goal of this article is to bridge the gap between knowing when to pursue her or when she wants you to get the hint and bounce. Read carefully and watch out for the Funeral Pat.

1. She takes too long to text you back. When a woman likes you, she will find time to text you back even if she’s the busiest woman in the world. Women are more inclined to be multi-taskers than men. If she can’t text back during work, that’s understandable. However, if she consistently responds to your texts 2-3 hours late, she’s not that into you.

2. You guys have had sex but she doesn’t like you to touch her affectionately. This is a sign to exit immediately. If you want to be more than friends with benefits with this woman, it’s not going to happen. Even a woman with trust issues will eventually let the guy she is into cuddle with her and enter her personal space (face, neck, wherever else your imagination takes you, etc.).

3. Her friends have no idea who you are and have never heard of you. If she likes you, then she’s talked about you and mentioned your name to her homegirls since the day she met you. If you don’t know the names of her closest friends or circle then she likely hasn’t mentioned you to them.

4. She doesn’t ask you many questions in the conversation. This one is quite frank and simple and it goes both ways. Interest sparks questions and if she doesn’t ask you questions, then she’s not interested.

5. She doesn’t complain to you. Men tend to hold more things in than women and women tend to be more talkative and take pride in self-expression. If something isn’t going right in her day, you will be one of the first few who gets the lovely opportunity to listen to her complaint. If she doesn’t confide in or use you as a healthy outlet to release her frustrations, then she’s not that into you.

6. She gives you the “Funeral Pat”. An affectionate hug or kiss on the cheek is not what she chooses. Instead she gives you a light hug and pats her hands on your back as if someone died. Avoid the funeral pat at all costs.


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