Acronym’s Advanced Fall/Winter 2014 Jackets

Acronym by Errolson Hugh deliver their fall/winter collection and one word comes to mind, “intelligent”. The jackets are smart and innovative. The FW collection includes technology for improved ruggedness, increased breathability, and greater comfort in more conditions. Perhaps it’s the unexpected placement of the pockets on the coats that surprise the eye or the random placements of zippers. Acronym’s F/W is clearly about functionality as they destruct the classic silhouettes we’re used to seeing. 

J36-GT1_1024x1024 J1A-LP_2_1024x1024 J1A-LP_3_1024x1024 J38-S1_1024x1024 J41-GT_4_1024x1024 J43-GT_2_1024x1024 J41-GT_2_1024x1024Shop Acronym Here at Haven


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