Travis Scotts Sits Down with GQ & Talks Kanye, His Competition, & Pharell’s Grill

La Flame hands down dropped one of the best projects of the year, Days Before Rodeo. It was a free album and exposed more hip-hop heads to the aggressive yet mellow rock and hip-hop sound that is Travis Scott. Not to mention, La Flame has become a sought after runway model, who actually skips down the runway and defies the tradition of walking/strutting, via his appearance in the Mark McNairy show. Anyways, Scott sat down with GQ for an interview about Days Before Rodeo, Kanye’s reaction to his album, and Pharell’s grill. Read our favorite GQ parts below.

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Did the album get a good response from Kanye?
Hell yeah. Man, like, it fucked me up. Like, the day I dropped it and he tweeted it. I was like, “Oh shit!” And he ain’t even, like, text me or nothing. And then I went to go meet up with him later, and he’s like, “Oh man, this is ill as fuck. One of the illest albums.”

Random question but what’s your favorite purchase as of late?
Easy. My new grill. It’s got pink and yellow diamonds and shit. It’s going to end Pharrell’s grill. I literally went to the guy who made it and said: I need the grill that is going to kill Pharrell.

Ha! Your visuals are always on point. Why is that such a big priority to you and not for a lot of other rappers?
These dudes are rich, man. They think they can buy everything and shit. You can’t buy swag. You can’t buy vision and you can’t buy aesthetic. You can copy it. But that shit don’t last. You can’t buy being a rock star. You gotta either do the heroine or not. You know what I’m saying?

Who do you think are your contemporaries and competition?
Mostly singers and shit. I don’t think any rappers.

Like who?
Like a James Blake, or Toro, or like a M.I.A. or some shit. These rappers, man… I don’t know, man. [Laughs]

Bored by them?
It’s mad boring.

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