Why You Shouldn’t Be Impressed by the iPhone 6 According to Ron Amadeo

Ars Technica’s Ron Amadeo wants us to know that we shouldn’t be impressed by the iPhone 6 whatsoever. The AT editor decided to make an infographic that compares the Nexus 4 to the iPhone 6 and of course the comparison makes the iPhone 6 look like your one homie who was the last one to hit puberty.

why you shouldn't be impressed by the iPhone 6


This image has been retweeted over 16,000 times. Amadeo finishes his comparison by adding a description of what iPhone users can expect from Apple in 2016. All of the expected features seem to be features that Android users already have. On the flip side, the iPhone’s fingerprint technology is fairly new but it’s interesting to see how the iPhone brand and Android stack up when it comes down to facts. Most of us will likely still purchase the iPhone 6 if we have been avid iPhone users since the 3G/4. “Old habits die hard”.

Source: Business Insider, DeathandTaxesMag


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