Forbes: A Watch That Recreates the Solar System on Your Wrist

Van Cleef & Arpels’ Midnight Planétarium have somehow recreated the solar system for your wrist. The dial is made up of six concentric aventurine discs that mimic the night sky, while semiprecious stones symbolize six of the planets and circle around the pink gold sun in real time. “A serpentine Mercury completes a full rotation in only 88 days; Earth, in brilliant turquoise, takes 365; and if you’re patient enough, the sugilite Saturn will complete its revolution in 29 years.” – Forbes. Basically, this watch is pretty sick and brings you a bit closer to the pattern of our solar system (but on a daily basis). We’re not sure what made more tech-savvy watches appear this year, such as the new Apple watch – but we’re not complaining.

Regular time is measured by a shooting-star symbol. You can also move the red arrow on the rotating bezel and set it to an important date. Perhaps the coolest thing about this watch is owning the sheer moment of knowing exactly when the earth just did a full rotation. VIA Forbes



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