Style Gallery: Duckie Brown SS15 Collection

Menswear pioneers Daniel Silver and Steven Cox gave women’s clothing a try back in February. They’re back again with a different mindset on their unisex-like style with luxury over-sized threads and bucket hats. Silver comments on February’s collection, not too satisfied: “We tried to change it too much, it was too womens-y”. For the SS15 season, Duckie Brown went back to their original style roots and simply combined style efforts from their men’s collection and applied them to the women’s collection.

Duckie_Brown_014_1366 Duckie_Brown_010_1366 Duckie_Brown_011_1366 Duckie_Brown_013_1366 Duckie_Brown_007_1366 Duckie_Brown_001_1366 Duckie_Brown_004_1366 Duckie_Brown_005_1366 Duckie_Brown_006_1366 Duckie_Brown_008_1366 Duckie_Brown_009_1366 Duckie_Brown_002_1366 Duckie_Brown_003_1366 Duckie_Brown_012_1366




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