The Top 10 Cities to Live in America for 2015

Livability recently compiled their list for the top 10 best medium-sized cities to live in the US for 2015. As expected California had three cities included in the top 10 (Including Santa Clara, Palo Alto, and Berkeley). Peep the full list here. 

1) Madison, Wisconsin

2) Rochester, Minnesota

3) Arlington, Virginia

4) Boulder, Colorado

5) Palo Alto, California – Palo Alto is known as the digital city. There is a fiber ring around the city that is about 31 miles and provides ultra high-speed Internet access. Enough said. (Median Househould Income: $122,482)

6) Berkeley, California – Berkeley is slowly becoming a food attraction in addition to the popularity of UC Berkeley. (Median Household Income: $63,505)

7) Santa Clara, California – Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara is home to plenty of technology firms. (Media Household Income: $92,198)

8) Missoula, Montana

9) Boise, Idaho

10) Iowa City, Iowa


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