Learn to Make Crêpes Like a French Chef

Oh crêpes, how we love thee. We wait in long lines at crêperies and food trucks, divulging in them after drunken nights. And now we will teach you how to make them, with this super easy recipe!

1 cup milk
1 cup water
2 cups flour
4 eggs
1 teaspoon salt
4 tablespoons melted butter (1/4 cup)

In a blender add one cup of milk and one cup of water. This is important as it produces a thinner batter. Next, add the flour, eggs, salt, and butter blending until smooth. If you don’t have a blender, add the flour to a bowl and gradually stir in the wet ingredients.

Heat a nonstick pan over medium high heat. Take a bacon rind or knob of butter and lightly oil the surface. Pour in just enough batter to thinly coat the whole pan. You will need to rotate the pan with your hand to allow the batter to spill over the entire surface evenly. Fill in any holes with more batter and continue to rotate. Use this first attempt to see how much batter is needed for one crêpe.

Learn to Make Crêpes  like a French Chef

The crêpe will only need to cook for about 50 seconds on each side. Once it starts to bubble and lightly brown around the edges take a wooden or plastic spatula and gently lift the edges from the pan so it won’t tear when you flip it. Jiggle the pan – the crêpe should be able to freely move about the pan. If you have a great non-stick pan this may not be necessary. Gently flip with the spatula or with your fingers. Continue to cook on the other side for another minute or until light brown. Transfer the crêpe to a plate and prepare your pan with butter or a bacon rind and repeat the same process. You can make as many crêpes as you want and refrigerate or freeze the batter for later use!

For toppings, try Nutella, strawberries and whipped cream or butter, powdered sugar and strawberries for a sweet dessert. Or for a savory twist, fill with ham, egg and cheese or smoked salmon, chives and sour cream. The variations are endless! Just fill the crêpe with your desired ingredients and gently roll facing the seam downwards on the plate.


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