Jhene Aiko Talks Her Relationship with Drake & Comparisons to Sade

R&B Singer Jhene Aiko has been selected as Pepsi’s artist of the week which isn’t surprising after the success she has found this year from simply being herself in her music – via her heartfelt and empathetic songs. The Souled Out singer talks about her career, rap ambitions, music comparisons, and her relationship with Drake and ‘From Time’. She even notes that she sees herself as a combination of Tupac & Sade. Read our favorite excerpts below.

Pepsi: You have frequently garnered comparisons to the legendary Sade. How accurate are those comparisons? 

Jhene: I would like to think that if Sade and Tupac have a baby

With Drake’s “From Time” record, you said that it took you a month to write and that you had to switch up what you were writing because you dove into your personal experiences. Can you tell us about that?

I wrote from the top of the track to the bottom. It was a really good song, but I felt like I didn’t want him to think it sounded so specific to me, even though I know he would have made it work because he knows how to put songs together. I was just like, “Let me keep him in mind because this is for his album,” So when I went back in, I kept it simple and said something I felt like he would be able to relate to and expand on.

Read the full interview here.

Source: Complex



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