Kanye West hosts Teyana Taylor's Album Listening Party and says "We Had to Fight For This Shit"

Teyana Taylor will be releasing her debut album VII on 11/4 after seven long years of waiting for the chance to give her fans a solid body of work. The G.O.O.D. music artist has been making waves with her “Maybe” track featuring Pusha T and Yo Gotti and already has a high amount of pre-sales. It was only proper that Kanye West “turned up a bit” for his artist. Read the heartfelt speech below.

What I want to say is, she bust her ass and this is her album. She put all her work into this music. Sometimes, I be a little bit less expressive because motherf*ckers want to ‘Michael Jackson’ me to death and sh*t and act like I don’t do nothing positive and all and attack me so I be scared to turn up.

Teyana provides something that is so R&B, so Black, so hood, so like missing, so necessary in the marketplace and that was what was extremely interesting about what she did on Dark Fantasy.  A lot of people argue that she had the hottest joint on Cruel Summer. So the fact that she was able to finally come out with a whole album (hesitates) — I’mma just go ahead and say what I was gonna say in the first place- f*ck everybody and sh*t- motherf*ckers always want to drop Big Sean and motherf-ckers wanted to drop Teyana- everybody always wanna drop somebody and sh*t and not believe in somebody all the way through, so I’ma just go ahead and be ‘Ye and [you can] put this sh*t on ‘E! News’ and try to say I’m a crazy motherf*cker and sh*t.

But you know what? This is about artistry and fighting for artists to get their vision out. Like it says [in] the name of the label – Getting Out Our Dreams- it’s a collective of motherf*ckers who believe in real music and there’s never been someone on the label that has had to take something into their own hands quite as much as Teyana had to do.

So I really want y’all to give her her credit for fighting against an entire system.  Sometimes I don’t talk in the the most politically correct- whatever type of way and sh*t- but I felt like I really [had to] express how proud I was of this person, of this human being that had to fight, of this artist that’s fighting to make something she really feels that really connects in this generation. And I’m just really proud to see her tonight dropping her album because we had to fight for this sh*t.

And uh- yeah, I just felt like I had to turn up a little bit. F*ck it.

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Source: Necole Bitchie