Listen to Jay Ant "Ask YB"

The Fader premiered HBK member Jay Ant’s “Ask YB” a couple weeks back and the song only continues to pick up more heat as time goes on. The artist equated his sound to the sum of his musical upbringing:  “Imagine growing up on Pharrell, 90s R&B, deep house shit, and wavey ass hip-hop like Tribe, then being slapped in the face by Mac Dre. That’s kind of my sound”. 

The Bay Area rapper produced G-Eazy’s breakout track “Far Alone”. It’s honestly a tough decision when you compare Jay Ant the producer and Jay Ant the rapper. Both directions are executed so well it may not matter. Blue Diamond Dream is coming soon. For now listen to ‘Ask YB’ which means “Ya Bitch” for all of the non-Bay kids.