Stream: Manni Phantom "Fables" EP

Bay Area native Manni Phantom offers up his new EP “Fable” which features 6 tracks with Phantom’s signature R&B and hip-hop fusion. The artist carries the project all on his own and tells the story of music industry gains and losses, distorted love, drugs, and his grind.

This is an awesome project from the young artist and is an indication that Phantom most likely has more heat for the upcoming new year. We haven’t seen an independent artist put out this type of EP/mixtape since The Weeknd’s House of Balloons – except this has more hip-hop.

The transition between Cursed and 33 Percent is ridiculously smooth – Phantom takes us on a journey about a girl whose obsessed with the dollar-bill all the way to his personal life equation (33 percent struggle, 33 percent hustle, 33 percent change, 1% stay the same). Phantom also dares to bring back the power of the interlude with “Camera” and succeeds. Since So Far Gone, it’s rare that the artist allows the interlude to sound as nice as one of the project’s feature songs.

Our highlight tracks include Cursed/33 PercentDead Man Walking, and Ghost Stories.  Stream & enjoy the vibes below.



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