November Artist Spotlight: Chicago's Asia Monique Gears Up for Looking Glass EP

Chicago Indie artist Asia Monique delivers the second track “Looking Glass” off of her upcoming EP Looking Glass. The dark EP titled song exemplifies the culmination of the project & contains excerpts of self reflection and edgy lyrics. Asia’s sound is frankly unique, a rare blend of open melodies and heavy bass (part of the reason why we’ve chosen her for our Artist Spotlight).

The overall vibe of Looking Glass EP is consumed by the layering of textures, distortion, ambient pads, classic instrumentation and well placed synths as a representation of the intense moments in the artist’s life. We were able to catch up with the Chi-town artist and get some in-depth thoughts and responses on the concepts behind Looking Glass and Asia’s first track from the project, Heroin.

Evangeline: Your sound is both sultry and daring at the same time. How would you really describe your sound if you had to?
Asia: I would describe my sound as something dark, edgy and sultry. A fusion of pop and Rnb with influences from Kanye and Travis Scott.
Evangeline: What influenced or shaped this project for you?
Asia: My constant reflection of self, alas the title of this project. It was me versus what other’s interpretations of me happen to be. Thus, the second single Looking Glass…you will hear me asking questions to my reflection. Asking if we are one in the same and if there are differences, where they lie…and this actually shapes the project.
Evangeline: Heroin definitely has a dangerous vibe but it’s super passionate with plenty of drug withdrawal metaphors. What was the concept behind that track?
Asia: Heroin, the first single, has its own story, but lends itself to the storyline of love vs lust, anger built out of pain…joy happiness…almost as if it were one of those quirky and enticing love stories with the crazy deep plot.
Evangeline: Why did you decide to drop Looking Glass as the second single?Asia: Looking Glass isn’t a follow-up but more of a progression, a side step in the story that gives more of the personal touch behind the love struck girl, who wants to understand her position in the world and if it matches who she considers herself to be.

Listen to “Heroin” & “Looking Glass” below from one of Chicago’s most promising singers. The Looking Glass EP is expected to release in early 2015.

“Looking Glass” produced by iProduceWNDRs

“Heroin” produced by IProduceWNDRs


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