Highly Recommended: Young Magic - Remixes and Breathing Statues Samplers (Listen Here)

Independent record label Carpark Records resides out of DC and includes quite the eclectic group of artists and producers. This time around they deliver Young Magic’s Remixes and Breathing Statues Samplers full of phantom harmonies from the original Breathing Statues album released in May. Young Magic is the sonic pairing between Indonesian vocalist, Melati Malay and Australian producer, Isaac Emmanuel. Although currently based in New York, the eclectic outfit has recorded music whilst traversing the four corners of the earth.

This project is mad creative from the duo who recorded in Morocco, France, Iceland, Czech Republic, Australia…ending in NY. Stream & vibe out below to some of the remixes below.

Purchase the original Breathing Statues here which was released in May and includes 10 tracks.