On The Rise: Tobi Lou Explains the Inspiration Behind “Hopefully”

Our current song on repeat is “Hopefully” by Tobi Lou, the Chicago-Los Angeles artist formerly known as Wonda. The four minute track is impressively dynamic and encompasses two different sides of Lou’s talent. “Hopefully” works as both a love song and a woozy afterparty anthem, which is an accomplishment in itself. Lou alternates between rapping and singing about a faded relationship all while trying to bury his feelings and find the remedy for lost love. This is probably why “Hopefully” has the potential to provoke two reactions when you listen: turning up or turning down.

Get to know Tobi Lou in a short Q&A below and press play on “Hopefully”.

What was the concept behind “Hopefully”?

It’s mostly about running into someone who you have deep history with.  You still have feelings for that person and they still have love for you even though they really shouldn’t because you don’t deserve it.  So in a sense you are just “hoping” to rekindle that spark you once had, even if only for the moment.

How do you explain the shift between moods throughout the song?

I actually made the second part of song first.  Then I made an entirely different beat for it which ended up being the first part of the song.  I was having trouble deciding which beat I wanted to use for the whole song because they both gave off really different feels. After awhile I just said F’ it and decided to combine them.  It ended up feeling like I went from just hoping and not knowing what was gonna happen, to not hoping but knowing I was gonna get it.

How do you describe your sound?

Pure Imagination.  Child-like ignorance.

What non-musical things in life end up inspiring your music content?

Cartoons, movies ans art, there’s so much cool shit that people create it’s hard not to be inspired simply by looking at something. Also being outside in general.  I spend so much time inside creating that there’s a crazy energy shift from simply stepping outside my door.

What can we expect from Tobi Lou this year?

Just a lot of music and visuals, including a project coming out at the end of summer/ beginning of fall. It doesn’t have a name yet.

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Evangeline Elder

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