DANI Details a One-Sided Relationship in Debut Single “LOVE U MORE”

Although Vancouver singer DANI is in a better place in her life right now, the singer re-visits a tumultuous time period from her past to put together her powerful debut single, “LOVE U MORE”. The accompanying visuals for the R&B/pop mash-up expose the singer’s pain throughout flashbacks of her relationship. She eventually finds herself alone on a mountaintop at the end of the video, which proves to be a bittersweet moment that maybe¬†symbolizes a better future without her former flame.

I used to be in a relationship with a drug addict. I felt the direct push and pull of love. One day he loved me, the next he was out the door looking for his fix. I stayed in the relationship because I wanted to ‘save him’ and help him get better. I didn’t realize giving him all my energy and time was only sucking me dry of my own wants and dreams. I spent many years allowing this person to hold me back from my success and financially being able to launch my career.¬† Whenever I write songs, I revert back to this time as it was such a substantial and revolutionary time in my life. I felt the trivial ups and downs as they crashed through my soul. – DANI

Watch the “LOVE U MORE” video.


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