25 Black Owned Businesses to Shop Online Right Now

The major injustices that have been happening recently (and on a regular basis) have left many people of all backgrounds wondering how they can make a difference. By putting your money and resources into black owned businesses, you can play an active role in empowering and uplifting black people. ‘Buying black’ promotes equality by creating resources and funds that help to redistribute wealth into the black community. And by redirecting your spending power, you give black people more power over what is happening in our nation. So if you’re wondering how to help uplift your community or if you want to start buying black but don’t know where to start, look no further. Here is an online shopping guide of black-owned businesses ranging from apparel to home goods that you can shop right from your couch.

For Men

Brooklyn Circus

Brooklyn circus is a menswear brand that has an appreciation for history and vintage elements.

Rad Black Kids

Rad Black Kids features Zimbabwean inspired street and surf wear as well as hand-finished long boards and guitars. One tree is planted for each product sold.


BLKKANGAROO is an apparel brand that fuses African sensibility with a dose of pop culture.



Walker & Company’s flagship brand Bevel, is the first and only shaving system designed to help reduce razor bumps and irritations for men with course and culy hair.

Talley & Twine

Talley & Twine is a watch brand that was created to disrupt the stagnant, uninspiring watch marketplace.


Kinship is a New York based lifestyle brand with a wide selection of eclectic bomber jackets.


For Women

Orchids and Spice

Orchids and Spice is the perfect destination for vintage and bohemian fashion.

Orchids and Spice


Junkprints is a graphics based clothing line. Founded in Brooklyn, the brand was birthed out of the exploration of race and gender in the media and the skewed representation of American people.

Prototype 1981

Prototype 1981 offers accessories that are handmade, classic and versatile.

William Okpo

Sisters Darlene and Lizzy Okpo are the masterminds behind William Okpo, a ready-to-wear fashion line that features clean and voluminous silhouettes inspired by 90’s hip hop.

William Okpo Lookbook

B Fyne

Bfyne is the perfect place to find unique and edgy statement swimsuits with cultural prints.


SNOOTY GIRL is an innovative apparel and lifestyle company that merges online shopping with creative expression.


MATTE is a Los Angeles based clothing brand with a collection of basics built for every body type and silhouette using colors that stay close to natural and skin complementing tones.

Nubian Skin

Dear fabulous black women all around the world, there is finally lingerie available for your skin tones and body type.

Nubian skin

For the Home

Peace and Riot

Peace and Riot offers various home décor selections sourced from across the globe.


Founded by three black men, True laundry detergent is distributed in numerous states and is also available online. Everyone needs laundry detergent, so you might as well buy True.

Cards for All People

Cards For All People makes fun, nostalgia-filled card games like “Black Card Revoked” that test the player’s knowledge of cultural milestones.

Health and Skincare

Little Urban Tea

Little Urban Tea sells organic natural tea that is made by hand and made to order. Plus, how could you resist teas like “Tropical Seduction,” “Mint Chocolate” and “African Sunrise?”

Fitness Fashionista

Fitness Fashionista sells weight loss and fitness planners that are compact and come with trackers and motivational compliments.

Balm and Co. 

Balm and Co. creates plant powered skincare products that are naturally healing, non-toxic and safe.


Brown Butter Beauty

Brown Butter Beauty is an artisan small-batch beauty company based in Brooklyn that sells herbal infused plant based hair, body and skin care products.

Ginger and Liz

Ginger and Liz is a vegan friendly and toxin-free nail lacquer brand.

Natty Naturals

Husband and wife Dominique and Syeed created Natty Naturals with the idea that hair, oral and skincare products should be made from the highest quality, raw ingredients that the earth has to offer.

Naokeidoe Creations

Naokeidoe Creations is a family-run business that makes natural homemade products ranging from braid and weave sprays to aluminum free deodorants.


Hebru Brantley

Chicago bred Hebru Brantley makes art and apparel that takes a creative twist on tough subjects by using youthful characters and their adventures.

Hebru Brantley

Post by Rian Worm.


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