Feature: Catching Up with Rising Chicago Singer Ravyn Lenae

Rising Chicago singer Ravyn Lenae has been on our radar since early 2015. We first interviewed Lenae when she was 16 years old, on the heels of her ethereal breakout track “Blossom Dearie” and her dreamy Moon Shoes EP. Although the singer has been relatively quiet since releasing her debut EP last year, she proves that her silence hasn’t been in vein with the recent re-release of Moon Shoes and a feature on Noname’s Telefone mixtape. The singer’s updated project includes two new songs — “Something in the Air” and the anthem for believing in your destiny, “Right of Spring”. We noted in our last interview that Lenae has a timeless voice that never finds itself stagnant, which is probably why her music is still as vibrant as our first listen. Sweetly eclectic in soundscape and unlimited in virtues of discovery and romance, the music on Lenae’s Moon Shoes EP is the soundtrack for the curious young woman who wanders but isn’t lost.

Catch up with Ravyn Lenae and stream her Moon Shoes EP below.

So much has changed since we last spoke! What have you been up to lately?

I know! Most recently, I haven’t been writing a lot of music. Instead, I have been a student to other musicians. I go through phases where I need to take a break and observe. Once I feel compelled, I’ll fall back into writing more regularly.

Let’s talk “Right Of Spring”. What was the concept behind that song?

When I first heard the instrumental to “Right of Spring”, I knew the lyrics had to be really warm and welcoming. A couple days before, I was studying “Rite of Spring”, which is a ballet and orchestral concert by Russian composer Igor Stravinsky. I was very inspired by his choice of concept and theme, and thought it would be cool to put a twist on it. My rendition touches on finding happiness and running with it. I wanted listeners to feel completely in control of their destiny and strong enough to take it.

What themes are most prominent in your new project Moon Shoes?

In my new music, I intend on focusing more on delivering my naked emotions. I would like listeners to get a better feeling of who I actually am and what emotions I feel on a daily basis. It is important to become vulnerable when making music for therapeutical purposes and connecting more with listeners.

“ICanNeverFindARide” was a bit of a departure from your other sounds. Although this song isn’t on your project, what was the inspiration behind it?

At the time, I didn’t have a car and always struggled to find a ride back home. I decided to base the song around that dilemma while adding touches of love and persistency. I pictured a woman purposely leaving her car at home in hopes of riding home with a guy she really liked. I thought this concept was really fun and flirty. I am glad that listeners like the song!

Outside of music, what do you do to stay sane and protect your head-space?

I take a lot of walks. Walking alone allows me to not only admire the scenery of a huge city, but also dissect my thoughts and emotions. I would categorize myself as a person who needs alone time or they’ll go completely mad. After walking, I feel replenished, centered, and overall more in-tune with myself.

What can we expect from you the rest of this year?

This year, listeners can expect new music, cool collaborations, thought-provoking visuals, and a better sense of who Ravyn Lenae is!

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Evangeline Elder

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