REHAB x VSCO Journal 04: Bay Area Photographer Vavi Explores Friendship and Intimacy in “Anonymously Intimate”

Our latest journal in our collaborative series with VSCO features Bay Area based visual artist, storyteller, and muse Vanessa Vigil, better known as Vavi. Her photos are often infused with layers of honesty and raw perceptions that challenge the looker to look harder. Whether she’s shooting a portrait around the corner from her home or tucked away somewhere that she didn’t Instagram, Vavi understands that photographs breed intimacy. Her VSCO photo journal “Anonymously Intimate” tells the story of friends who are evolving in their careers, while still fighting to preserve the organic details that sparked their friendships originally. Often times, photographers forget that some of the most captivating stories are closest to the heart. Despite her growing career and accolades in the world of art and culture, Vavi has never forgotten that.

You can find a snippet of Vavi’s journal with original words below but we encourage you to enjoy the full story on our VSCO profile.

“Anonymously Intimate” is a detailed photo series of a girl and a boy. Their full faces are intentionally hidden while still being able to identify them. The series walks you through a day at the beach but the mystery gives you a daydream feel. These photos were taken at Rodeo Beach right before Duckwrth was getting ready to go on tour with Anderson .Paak and I was helping piece together one of Oakland’s biggest events, FEELS V. It was a relief to get away from the city, away from our phones, and spend time with each other before the upcoming craziness.

The series is a reflection of being an up and coming artist and well-connected. I’ve recently been in situations where people attempt to get close to me, to use my name or get closer to people I am connected with. It’s been a strange experience and I find myself almost intentionally hiding my friends that have any sort of spotlight.

“Boy Ties Shoe”


“Wind Finds Girl”


“Girl Seeks”


“Boy by the Beach”


Visit VSCO here for the full “Anonymously Intimate” journal.

All images edited using VSCO. All photos by Vavi. Follow Vavi: Instagram | VSCO | VaviVisuals

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