MADEIRA Uses her Airy Voice to Sing About Grief on “Come On Thru”

MADEIRA, a.k.a. Kim Pflaum, hones in on her solo career with a new track by the name of “Come On Thru”, an indie-pop cut with a bit of early 70s funk and 80s inspired synths. The hazey song details the rollercoaster ride of intimacy and a complicated relationship that ends up being more confusing than comforting. MADEIRA’s light and airy voice is of course the highlight of the song, which transforms the conversation of how grief is sung about.

“In this track, I’ve tried to capture all the complex emotions in losing someone you love to someone else…There’s the subtle distance, the desperation, the anger, the grief. And there’s that conflict between wanting them back and knowing you probably deserve better.” – Pflaum via NYLON

Take a listen to “Come On Thru” below.


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