Porches Share Video for “Black Dress” with Dev Hynes

Operating under the band name Porches, alt-pop frontman Aaron Maine has shared his group’s new Water EP, which serves as a remake of the band’s Pool EP from earlier this year. The project includes 6 re-imagined tracks from Pool’s original tracklist, along with two new cuts – one being the airy dance exhibit “Black Dress”. Maine has shared a visual for the “Black Dress” track which includes choreography from Bloode Orange’s Dev Hynes, who also performs choreography in the video under the name Bad Boy Chi Chi.

In the video description, Aaron Maine explains why he chose to re-visit his Pool project to birth Water: “I spent the first year after releasing slow dance in the cosmos teaching myself how to record music. I ended up with a bunch of pretty realized demos for songs that ended up on “pool” during that process. it was a loose and explorative time for me. i wanted to release a select few of these “demos” because i always find the excitement captured by recording a song when you first write it to be almost impossible to recreate later down the line. i chose to rerecord all of the songs that were to be on pool because i felt like by the time i had a batch of songs that i felt would make an album, i had grown as a producer and wanted to give them another pass. either way it’s fun to listen back to these earlier versions of the songs and remember how they first existed.”

Watch the simplistic yet intimate visuals for “Porches” below and visit iTunes to purchase the Water EP.


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