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New York rapper and all around underground it girl, Princess Nokia, née Destiny Frasqueri, has self released her latest EP, 1992, an ode to both her year of birth and the city and streets that raised her. The release follows her acclaimed video “Tomboy”, an in-your-face femme anthem about being fierce and unapologetic in your own skin while knocking down the male gaze with bravado and poise.

Destiny has worn many of hats since making her debut in 2012, all while remaining entirely independent. She first came on the scene with “Bitch I’m Posh” under her Wavy Spice moniker, and later metamorphosed into Princess Nokia in 2014 with the release of her avant garde, afro-futurist album Metallic Butterfly. Always evolving, Destiny segued smoothly into Honeysuckle, a sun-splash ode to ’70s-influenced funk with a varied sonic palette of disco, blues and soul.

The release of 1992 finds Destiny back in her rap beginnings and quite possibly in her rawest state yet. The nine-song record holds upbeat tempos, spoken word interludes, and spitter charm, with Destiny spewing  stories of her fast paced city, now plagued by gentrification and changing at an alarming rate. She also touches on feminism, sexuality and the importance of individuality, all themes that have permeated through her lyrics in the past — but today she delivers from a place of growth, maturity, incomparable confidence and self love.

Forever mesmerizing and authentic, Princess Nokia continues to be a force to be reckoned with, both as woman and artist, carrying the torch for the DIY spirited and girls all around.

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