Elujay’s Jentrify Album Captures the Eclectic Spirit of Oakland

Oakland rapper Elujay delivers a robust and thematic body of work with his debut project, Jentrify. The 13-track effort captures Oakland’s current burgeoning music scene perfectly, paying homage to the city’s predecessors while pushing forward with progressive sounds that mix soul, house, gospel, and more. The 20-year-old emcee uses every opportunity to describe his experiences growing up in Oakland, in addition to giving music lovers a glimpse into the world of a young Black man navigating his romantic life and music career in a gentrified city. However, Elujay still brings an element of spirited fun to the project with songs such as “Onetime!”, “Flagrant”, “580”, and “Mrs. Jackson” serving as replay-ready soundtracks for the end of summer.

Similar to Chicago’s dense pool of talent and supportive music community, Jentrify noticeably bridges the gap between newcomers and rising artists from the Bay Area. While we’re introduced to artists like rapper Just Rese and vocalist Amen who make every moment count, the project also highlights a few of our favorites like Samaria, Caleborate, Rexx Life Raj, YMTK, and Jay Ant. You’ll also find core production from a few of those who are behind the Bay Area’s music resurgence such as Mikos Da Gawd, Drew Banga, Wax Roof, and more — not to mention Elujay supplies some of his own production throughout the eclectic album.

All in all, Jentrify is simply good music (from start to finish). We couldn’t have asked for a better introduction from the emerging emcee. Stream Jentrify below and give Elujay a follow on Twitter.


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