Xavier Omär Talks The Everlasting Wave & Healing Hearts w/ his Music

Singer-songwriter Xavier Omär, formerly known as SPZRKT, first appeared on our radar when a Soulection upload of his joint project Hours Spent Loving You with Sango made its way onto our soundcloud timeline over a year ago. Since then, we’ve been infatuated with the singer’s rich vocals and detail-oriented lyrics about women and relationships. When you listen to Xavier Omär’s music, his appreciation for love becomes infectious and lights up any track he’s on, which is an effect that can’t be generated by many of his peers. While he’s undergone a name change and has opted out of flooding the internet with music since Hours Spent Loving You, Omär’s debut project The Everlasting Wave will finally arrive this Friday. Led by his singles “Blind Man” and “Grown Woman”, The Everlasting Wave has been crafted with care and is a highly personal body of work. Perhaps it’s Omär’s musical upbringing that has positioned him to make timeless music for rapidly changing times or maybe it’s his genuine understanding that R&B was founded upon the basis of love – either way, we’re always impressed. You can read our interview with Xavier Omär below and support his new project on iTunes here.

I’m sure you’ve been asked this question a hundred times by now but what can you tell us about why you decided to part ways with your artist name SPZRKT?

Xavier Omär: I believe that the messages I have are too important to have small hang ups like the pronunciation of my name, or the advancement of my career being stunted by the amount of people who can or can’t say my name. So whatever is best for furthering the message in the music, that’s what I want to do. Switching to my first and middle name captures the feel of the music, helps me to feel like myself and not just a character, and I believe people will relate more as well.

A lot has happened since you released your acclaimed joint project with Sango, Hours Spent Loving You. How did that project change things for you?

Things have changed for me every since meeting Sango, period. His belief in me by giving me chances to work with him helped elevate me every time we released a record. Once Hours released, I couldn’t believe the response we got from listeners. We toured Europe together because of it, we’ve done a couple of festival appearances, and all of that has led to the attention my solo career is getting now. I’m grateful.

What themes are most prevalent in your new album, The Everlasting Wave?

I think the project is really introspective. The subjects I chose made me evaluate my true feelings about my self-worth and whether or not I honor the worth of others in my life, be it friends or a relationship. I don’t believe one should be without the other. So when you hear things in my music, like the celebration of women, it becomes easier to value others when you value yourself, to love one another when you love yourself.

“Blind Man” and “Grown Woman” are very much songs that celebrate women. What’s your inspiration behind creating songs like these?

It’s rooted in my faith in Jesus, but also I grew up with a Mom and a sister who I’ve always seen as the Queen and the Princess. In large part that’s because there was a man and an older brother in the house who taught and reinforced those values as well. Granted, there wasn’t perfection in our house but I had seen so much of what was right that I recognized what was wrong and aimed to avoid it. I make music about how the young man who wins my future daughter’s heart better treat her. But I can’t demand a standard that I’m not living myself. Also, I’m a bit of a romantic haha.

Which songs are your most personal on the project?

Each song pulled from a personal experience but definitely the most personal are Lost In Nostalgia, Speculate, and If This Is Love. You’ll easily be able to hear and feel why.

The art direction for this project was also really cool. What was the intended concept behind the artwork series?

I initially asked Sango to do a cover with a realistic feel like what he did with our HSLY cover. Turns out he just wasn’t going to have the time so he directed me to a fellow Seattle native, Daniel Lint. He showed me his worked and my eyes lit up. We actually ended up doing dinner that evening and talked through the idea I had. I wanted a cover where you could see how each song made you feel in some part of it. So he came up with the idea to give each song it’s own art piece and to combine those to create the final art. We ended up using each songs art work as a way to announce the project and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

What do you want listeners & fans to take away most from The Everlasting Wave?

I hope that my messages of value of women, value of self, and pointing to hope really resonate with people. I hope it calms, heals, and strengthens their hearts & minds. I feel that it solidifies my place in music so I hope I become a new favorite. And I hope they dance.

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