Premiere: Channel Tres Sets Us in Motion with his “George” Instrumental

Los Angeles producer/artist/DJ Channel Tres invites us into his world of unlimited sound and creative freedom with his new instrumental, “George”. The uptempo song is a remix of Makoto Matsushita’s “First Light” track and takes you on a ride through a variety of groovy funk-inspired house sounds, working to ignite the dance moves you thought you never had. The instrumental arrives not too long after the release of California artist Duckwrth’s I’M UUGLY album, which was a standout body of work about self-love and creative expression that Tres had an active hand in. The music-making process with Duckwrth was an easy one for Tres who casually noted to us that “there are no barriers working with Duckwrth” and the goal of their music was to “make people feel good without being ashamed”.

Similar to the culmination of his work on I’M UUGLY, “George” is about feeling, motion, and freedom. Tres said over e-mail that with his music, he wants to “add light to peoples’ lives” to counteract the negativity going on in our communities. If you’re also wondering why he chose to title his song with something so simple as the name “George”, look no further than Seinfeld as the all-around creative happened to be watching an episode of the show that matched his mood at the time.

Take a listen to “George” below and give Channel Tres a follow on Instagram and Twitter. You can also download the song free of cost here.

Evangeline Elder

Evangeline Elder is an Oakland-based writer who enjoys absolutely nothing. Just kidding (sort of).