The Juice is Bringing Cozy Vibes Back to Los Angeles One Party at a Time

Good Sport Creative’s The Juice is LA’s alternative party that focuses on bringing cozy vibes back to a glammed out Los Angeles scene. Often stigmatized by Hollywood and celeb-only codes, the traditional Los Angeles party scene has outgrown the desires of new party-goers who are now looking for casual events that allow them to wear their Sk8-Hi’s and dad hats. Similar to how Brooklyn serves as an alternative to Manhattan and Oakland serves as an alternative to SF, The Juice works to embody a much hipper neighboring city, but in the form of a party that provides underground vibes for a diverse and creative cohort. At these parties, you’ll typically find LA regulars, LA transplants, emerging artists, Instagram models, anti-Instagram models, shaded up music executives, grad students (or 4th years), and just about any one looking to have a good time.

While The Juice has taken place in Toronto and NYC, its mainstay has been at Lock & Key in LA’s Koreatown. When it comes to the inspiration behind the party’s humble beginnings, co-founder of Good Sport Creative, Drew Corria, describes the down-to-earth event series as a reaction to not fitting in. The REHAB team had the pleasure of sponsoring this past September’s get-together and the event undeniably lived up to its expectations. Enjoy the gallery below from our time spent at The Juice, along with words from Corria on why this party is hitting it off with LA’s burgeoning underground scene.


“My friends and I have continuously discussed how parties in Los Angeles aren’t fun anymore.”


“It felt like the parties that were thrown were more about your status and style than it was about who you were.”


“My friends and I aren’t typical club goers; we enjoy a good time without the hassle. So, we sat down and decided to create a party with an atmosphere that catered to the people who just wanted to have a good time.”


“The sole purpose of The Juice is to serve as the intersection for like-minded individuals to congregate and collaborate within a cohesive and progressive ambiance.”


“Our concept originates from the desire of re-establishing the “FUN” back to the Los Angeles culture/event scene.”


 “We’re focused on washing away all preconceived notions of the Hollywood nightlife. We aim to do this by mixing the known with those who should be known.”


You can follow the awesome folks over at Good Sport Creative on Instagram to stay in the loop on when The Juice is coming to your city. You can also search the hashtag #cameforthejuice to see the array of faces that have attended this event.

Evangeline Elder

Evangeline Elder is an Oakland-based writer who enjoys absolutely nothing. Just kidding (sort of).