Chancellor Warhol Releases First Song “Mirrors” Off Forthcoming Project

Nashville, TN is notable for breeding some of the best country, blues and rock n’ roll artists, however newcomer Chancellor Warhol is going against the trend as he introduces hip-hop to the scene. Warhol recently dropped “Mirrors”, the first track off his forthcoming project titled, Until the Light Takes Me. With what seems like an effortless delivery, Warhol’s lyricism takes the spotlight as CAPPA graces us with an ethereal hook. Not only is Warhol easing his way into the music world, but he’s also made appearances on the creative fold of things from designing to even directing CAPPA’s video for “I’m Good”. The up & comer has yet to reveal a release date for his new project, but until the full work drops you can take a listen to his latest below or check out his fashion-inspired Instagram.

Ria Foye

Ria Foye is a 23-year-old Brooklyn-based writer who enjoys attending live events, traveling and is a Thai food fanatic. Her most memorable moments of 2016 include adopting her toy poodle, Kado and holding hands with Tory Lanez...for all of five seconds. You can follow the Boston native on Instagram @ria.foye.