Rising L.A. Artist Saro Releases New Synth Heavy Hit “Test”

LA based singer-songwriter Saro (formerly Evan Mellows) remains an enigma, yet his penetrating falsetto on his latest heavy hitting single “Test” has garnered our full attention. Produced by Robin Hannibal of acclaimed duo Rhye and David Burris, the track is an electric pop gem entrenched with prominent synths on a multilayered production. Saro condemns a fallen paramour, boasting “I can see underneath that you’re hollow/ When you leap from the edge I know not to follow”. The song serves as an ode to the imposters and deceivers our hearts have fallen for at some point, and that sweet dignifying moment that we’ve decided to hold back and walk the other way.

Saro’s debut EP, which is executive produced by Hannibal, is expected to be released later this fall on his own imprint Mateo Sound. Please stay tuned.

Maria J. Livingstone

A sensitive lady thug living in SF with a knack for crying.