Chance the Rapper at Bill Graham Auditorium

When my mom was growing up Southern Baptist in central Florida, her parents sent her to bible camps over the summer where she had to memorize vast swaths of scripture while getting eaten by mosquitoes. Because of that, she had her own kids attend a Berkeley circus camp, where I learned to juggle on stilts. That being said, I felt like I lived her childhood on Saturday night at Chance the Rapper’s Magical Coloring World Tour. In the words of the drunk bro who was sitting near me, “I’m pretty sure I’m Christian now.”

The show started off with Chance performing his popular hits and older tracks after a memorable opening by Berkeley native Francis and the Lights. Chance took the stage and performed a Sesame Street-like show, acting out a musical journey along with actors dressed like cartoon characters. By the end I was so high that I kept thinking we were being brainwashed to convert to Christianity. I found myself two-stepping with all the frat boys wearing Chance “3” hats and singing, “how great is our God?” My friend texted me a couple days later: “I keep listening to Blessings and I don’t even like that song.”

So, if you’re wondering does the music blasting from your headphones live up to the stage performance? The answer is yes. Visit Chance The Rapper’s website for information on upcoming shows.

Guest post by Jacqueline Kelly.