Arima Ederra has shared her new EP, Temporary Fixes, a beautiful yet dark ethereal 10-track body of work about defining experiences in her life that have come and go. The project is lead by “Retroblame” and “Artist Addiction” with most of the songs encouraging listeners to step inside Ederra’s soundscape and vision. Whether we’re lost within the haunting wonderland-like vibes of “Just To Feel U” or the cloudy piano runs of “In My Garden”, Ederra is a curious explorer who finds and loses herself throughout the project, baring it all for the listener. She uses her angelic vocals to embrace her dualities, especially on the EP’s standout cut “For The Restless”, a brooding funk-folk mash-up that features Ederra venting and then reassuring herself that she’ll be okay.

Dive into Temporary Fixes below.