5 Poets on Instagram Who Will Heal Your Heart and Mind

Looking for a bit of positivity on Instagram? So are we. 2016 was full of drama, we must admit. Between an inexperienced business tycoon getting elected and major media platforms pushing high dosages of gossip, you might find it beneficial to change your social media habits (and who you follow). Social media may seem like a separate world in which what happens on social media, stays on social media, but when it comes down to it, many of us spend real life time and energy perusing timelines and analyzing subliminal messages. You can apply a bit of self-care to your social media consumption this year by following Instagram profiles that sprinkle knowledge throughout your feed on a daily basis. These are some of our favorite poets, writers, and authors, who are quickly becoming leaders of thought and love, on the world wide web.

Featured quote above by Cleo Wade.

Cleo Wade @cleowade

Artist, writer, and poet, Cleo Wade, is offering hope, courage, and words of love in a trying time for millennials who are grappling with America’s current social climate. You can spot her quotes and excerpts being reposted or retweeted on a daily basis, as her followers seem to find strength and reassurance in her words. Whether she’s urging you to become who you want to attract, or letting you know the storm you’re going through can be weathered, Wade drops wisdom on Instagram free of cost. She also cares about women’s rights and equality, which we could use more of from 2017 to eternity.

Website | cleowade.com

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Reyna Biddy @reynabiddy

Poet and writer Reyna Biddy not only gives hope, but also tells her own stories of imperfection and love lost or gained. Biddy doesn’t separate love from self-love and her poetry insist that the two cannot exist without each other. She’s big on energy and regularly shares her thoughts on how another person’s energy can affect yours (for better or worse). Biddy’s words provide an open diary for how to heal, how to love yourself more, and how to let go of those who don’t love you.

Pre-order “I Love My Love” by Reyna Biddy | Support here.


Rupi Kaur @rupikaur_

Poet and writer Rupi Kaur touches on everything from sisterhood and being a woman of color, to healing and creating your own light for your life. Kaur promotes giving without expecting anything back, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and making beautiful things happen in the midst of pain. She not only details how to heal, but often breaks down the many attempts the average person will make when trying to move forward. Her words are real and take into account human nature.

“Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur | Support here.

you were pure gold yesterday southern california ❤️ thank you for your hearts

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Yrsa Daley-Ward @yrsadaleyward

Writer Yrsa Daley-Ward makes it a mission to remind us that individuality and standing out is perfectly fine. Amongst reiterating that being yourself is enough, Ward passionately pursues self-acceptance, creating what you want to see in the world, and most importantly, standing in your truth (whether it’s troubling or comforting). Ward encourages her followers to explore their dark thoughts and dark places in their mind, in order to leave more room for light.

“bone” by Yrsa Daley-Ward | Support here.


r.h. Sin @r.h.sin

Poet and writer r.h. Sin has built quite the following based on quotes and poetry that remind lovers to not settle for less. Sin perpetuates that not every loss is a true loss, and we often gain more when people, who never treated us right to begin with, leave our lives. He opens the floor to those who are unsure of what they deserve in a relationship, questioning why many of us so often become comfortable with being taken for granted.

“Whiskey, Words, and a Shovel II” | Support here.