Vince Staples Releases New Song, “BagBak”

We’re lucky enough to be regularly blessed by Vince Staples’ sharp, acidic flow over menacing, often bounce-heavy electronic beats, stretching from last year’s diamond-tough Prima Donna EP to his debut full length from 2015, Summertime ‘06. The Long Beach rapper’s new single “BagBak” is right at home in that self-made pantheon.

Although he’s consistently direct, this track finds him at perhaps his most overtly political, with lyrics like “Until the president get ashy, Vincent won’t be votin.’” With a crazed and joyful lilt, he closes out his third and final verse by imploring the one percent, the government, and the president, in that order, to “suck a dick, because we on now.” Listen to the song below.

Ezra Glenn

Ezra Glenn is a writer, photographer, and many other things depending on the day, based in Brooklyn. Follow him @ez_rag on Twitter for absurdist commentary and puns.