Princess Nokia Takes Us Back in Time with Double Feature Visuals

Still hot off the success of her excellent 1992 mixtape, Princess Nokia has shared the fourth and fifth visuals from the September 2016 project in the form of a double feature. The joint-video for “Bart Simpson” and “Green Line,” co-directed by Nokia herself along with frequent collaborator Milah Libin, highlights the native New York City experience, bringing to life what it’s like to be young in the capital of the world.

princess nokia bart simpson video

The video for “Bart Simpson” features a Jansport-toting Nokia as she moves through a typical day at school, complete with a series of dodgeball-based humiliations and scenes of falling asleep and causing mischief in geometry class. After school, extreme chilling ensues as Nokia, wrapped in a shearling coat and with a pink pacifier in her mouth, enjoys back to back joints and 40s with her tight-knit girl-crew before expanding the party. An interlude between the tracks treats us to some candid moments with Nokia and her squad laughing and joking about big labias and winning a trip to meet Juicy J, among other things.

As the horns and pianos backing the smooth laid-back “Green Line” pick up, we watch our heroine board the track’s eponymous train for a tour of the city. “For two-fifty I could go anywhere I want,” she sings softly on the song’s refrain, living out that spirit of endless possibility under the camera’s gaze as she dances down St. Marks and ends up getting her belly button pierced without flinching.

princess nokia

A 90s-inspired wide-angle shot dominates during the verses, and features Nokia paying homage to her city in a vintage Knicks pullover, effortlessly dropping bars in front of the iconic Unisphere at Flushing Meadows–Corona Park. Towards the eight-minute mark, a rewind of some of the videos’ moments as shot on a low-fi camcorder reminds us that this raw view of New York is already a memory, a re-creation of Princess Nokia’s lived experience. She can take us there at will, but it’s hard to find without a tour guide who knows these streets as deeply as she does.

Watch the full clip below.

Ezra Glenn

Ezra Glenn is a writer, photographer, and many other things depending on the day, based in Brooklyn. Follow him @ez_rag on Twitter for absurdist commentary and puns.