“Red Clay” from Norway’s Charlotte Dos Santos is a Must-Hear

Norwegian singer-producer Charlotte Dos Santos is gearing up for her debut project Cleo by way of Fresh Selectsand shares a new single entitled “Red Clay”. Full of rich and earthy vocals, Santos has a unique old school voice that encapsulates you from the very beginning (similar to Amy Winehouse). “Red Clay” comes in at a little over two minutes but doesn’t waste any time detailing the complex story of a failed love that finds Wilson and her partner at odds, due to her partner’s inability to bring anything meaningful to the table of love.

Santos revealed to The Fader the meaning behind her song’s title: “I wrote ‘Red Clay’ in frustration over vapid people who lack identity and need others to give them a purpose. It is about someone who took advantage of my creativity and love and needed me to help them take form, shape them, but in the end, to me, the person was nothing but mud which eventually will crumble or dissolve.”

Take a listen to “Red Clay” from Charlotte Dos Santos below.


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