Miami’s Sabrina Claudio Embraces Self-Discovery on Re-Release of ‘Confidently Lost’

Although she released the original project about a year ago, Miami songstress Sabrina Claudio has re-released her Confidently Lost mixtape as an EP for any new listeners who haven’t been paying attention until now (a.k.a. us). Throughout the 7-track EP, Claudio mixes dominant R&B production with ethereal and achingly angelic vocals, creating a sultry space where her lyrics about self-discovery and acts of love soar. Much of the album bravely explores the bare process of healing, intentions in relationships, and taking your time in love. On “Runnin’ Thru Lovers”, Claudio is conflicted by the modern lover’s need to move on fast and forego the time needed to heal from love lost. She celebrates the wanderer on “Confidently Lost” and teaches a lover how to love on “Orion’s Belt”. Claudio’s honesty and vulnerable performances throughout the EP help her content to feel cathartic and refreshing.

Stream Confidently Lost from Sabrina Claudio below.

Evangeline Elder

Evangeline Elder is an Oakland-based writer who enjoys absolutely nothing. Just kidding (sort of).