Oakland-based singer Astu is gearing up for the release of her debut project with the transformative track “Solar” leading the way. The Eritrean singer-songwriter recently shared the visuals for “Solar”, which feature Astu making her way around a deserted Oakland. Using lingering vocals full of both pain and beauty, Astu explores the angst of her childhood and the road she’s traveled to save herself from her own inner struggles as she’s matured. She carries a water-gun in the opening scene to symbolize the superhero within and breaks into eclectic dance as the video unfolds. Her voice is both piercing and poignant throughout “Solar”, freely riding the waves of the track’s electro-R&B production.

“’Solar’ is about the sorrow so many of us have felt in our bodies and our minds since we were children. And it’s about wanting to make it all go away but instead we live passionately. We break and rise and break and rise.” – Astu

Watch the video for “Solar” below, directed by Pablo Circa and keep Astu on your radar.