Just Rese

Oakland artist Just Rese drops off a new loosie by the name of “Fluffy Pink Lights”, produced by Jamal Jellyfish. The future bounce style track features the emcee contemplating why and how a relationship came to an abrupt end. Although the song is about miscommunication and unexplained feelings, Just Rese keeps his wordplay clever as he finds clarity in his own raps. His voice is both passionate and controlled, only riding the highs of his expression when he wants the listener to get engulfed in his words. Kinetic production that feels atmospheric, combined with the Oakland rapper’s ability to break down his thoughts to the very core, make for a love (or loss) song that we’d play on the regular.

“These days when I approach new songs, the only thing that comes to me lately is the topic of relationships. Rather they are going well, or falling apart.” – Just Rese

Take a listen to “Fluffy Pink Lights” below and revisit the rapper’s latest song “This Time”.