Charlotte Dos Santos is Fearless and Vulnerable with Cleo EP

A few months ago, we interviewed a talented woman by the name of Charlotte Dos Santos — a Norwegian singer-producer based in Brooklyn, whose old-soul voice pulls you in at first-listen. With her single “Red Clay” leading the way, the Fresh Selects singer recently offered up 10 tracks in her debut project, most of which capture all of the nuanced details of falling in love, falling out love, and taking the reigns of womanhood. The EP’s title track carves into Santos’ thoughts and experiences as a 24-year-old woman finding herself and discovering the power of her emotions. Some songs are rich and thick in sound, while others show the more serene and still side of Santos — more proof that both sides of Santos are one. Cleo is a project you can get lost in sonically, with songs that either move you or keep you utterly focused like a ritual. Plus, Santos has a voice that is uniquely hers and sounds like no one else.

“I wanted Cleo to represent the woman we all have inside us – fearless, courageous, and ambitious.  The EP is very much love themed and constructed into sections, side A and a side B. side A is about falling in love and side B is pretty much about falling out of love. Each section starts out with an interlude, the first being very romantic and introducing love and the second one introducing a new chapter in my life or perhaps ending a chapter, new beginnings — which the second interlude is called.” – Charlotte Dos Santos for REHAB

Stream Cleo below and revisit our interview with Charlotte Dos Santos to learn more about the rising songbird.


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